Mission Statement

Empowering the local community

MaTReC, as a community owned organisation, will make itself accountable to all the residents of Manor & Castle Ward and surrounding areas.

We believe education and training open up opportunities for individual self development that enables people to take more control over their own lives. MaTReC sees itself as an important innovator in this process and will provide the necessary skill base, friendly environment and professional approach that enables people to maximise their potential.

We have a commitment to continuously improving our ability to develop economic regeneration opportunities that enables people to find work and directly create jobs locally.

We will offer support and information that enables people to make constructive choices around their individual development, education, training and employment opportunities.

We will take a positive and active approach in encouraging participation in all our activities by people who often find access to training and education difficult, e.g. those who are on low income, the unemployed, lone parents and people with disabilities.

We recognise the importance of sharing our learning and experience with others. We are therefore committed to enabling and supporting community organisations and businesses in their development.

We recognise that organisations with similar aims and purposes as our own locally, regionally, nationally and internationally could benefit from sharing our learning and experiences. It is our intention to act positively in enabling this process.

We believe our strength in meeting needs lies in developing a creative skilled and knowledgeable management and staff. We are therefore committed to building on our current skills and learning new ones.

We are committed to equality of opportunity and to this end we will continue to develop our services and our practices in a non-discriminatory way.

We are committed to effectively monitoring and evaluating our services to ensure we are meeting stated aims.
Partnerships with funding bodies are important to our ability to meet need. We believe these should be developed in such a way that mutually assures all involved.