Next enrolment will be September 2020

Call us on 0114 2642194 or fill out our contact form with your full name and address, including postcode, your date of birth and your mobile telephone number.

Please provide any recent qualifications in the last 5 years (if applicable) and the subject you are interested in.

English as second language learners must have ESOL L1 certificates in all 3 parts (reading, writing, speaking & listening).

Anyone who has entered the UK must provide evidence of their status.

Once you have made your appointment:

If you need to change your appointment

If you are not able to make your appointment for any reason

If you no longer need your appointment Please contact us as soon as possible.

During March 2020 enrolment over 3 hours of appointment times were missed. Potential learners had to be turned away. 

Thank you