How do I enrol?

We have two enrolments per academic year. To find out when the next date is:

Call: 0114 2642194


Text: YOUR NAME+ENROL to 0737 6715 240

Am I eligible to join?

    • You must be 19 years or older on the 31st August of that given academic year.
    • You must be working at the specific level to join a class. (Our classes are all level specified. Your assessment level will determine which class you join)
    • An initial assessment and diagnostic must be completed
    • Any one who has English as a second language must have the following proven qualification to join English and/or Maths:
      • ESOL Level 1 in all three subject areas:
        • Speaking & Listening
        • Reading
        • Writing

What can I expect at enrolment? 

You will be given an appointment day and time for an assessment.

First appointment
This is when we carry out an initial assessment of your current skills.

Assessments can take to up to one hour per subject to complete.  The results will determine the knowledge and skills, you already have, and which areas you need to improve. It also indicates which class/classes you are eligible to join. We always aim to give you the correct information, advice and guidance on courses to suit for your individual needs. 

Second Appointment
This is to complete course paperwork, pay membership fee and have your photo taken for identification.

After your assessment you will be given a follow up appointment for a very informal interview, so we can find out a little more about you. This may take up to an hour depending on each individual. It will also give you have the opportunity to meet the tutors and staff.  (We aim to place you with your subject tutor where possible).

Please note: Appointment times stated are only a guideline.

Unfortunately you are not able to bring children to your appointment. 

What you need to bring to enrolment? 

    • You need one form of ID (passport, driving license, or a current bank card). If you are in receipt of means tested benefit you will need to bring at least one proof of benefit.
    • If you have achieved a Maths or English qualification in the last 5 years, please bring them with you.
    • Bring proof of your UK status, should this apply

Please be aware we will take a photograph at the time of enrolment.

How many people are in a class?

We like to keep our class sizes to a maximum of 12 learners so we can offer the best quality of learning and support possible

Is there a cost?

An annual membership fee of £5 per person is payable at the time of enrolment. 

You will need to buy course books (prices range from £5 to £15 per book, depending on which course you join)

Payment Methods

    • Cash
    • Debit card

Examination & Re-sit fees

You will sit an exam/assessment as part of your course.

Exam resit fees, of 100%, apply for all learners. 

A resit payment must be received before exams are ordered.

To complete an enrolment form please click here