Learner Reviews Archive - MaTReC

Najma Khan

August 2018

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to the whole of the MATREC team, especially Jenny (GCSE maths tutor) Lesley and Christine (English tutors). 

I started my journey to higher education at MATREC five years ago, where I started off at level 1 English and Maths. I then went on to do level 2 and GCSE in both subjects and passing thanks to the amazing tutors. 

Claire Piggott – GCSE English Language

I have enjoyed this course as I have learnt many new things. My confidence has grown. Christine has been a great tutor and covered everything we needed to learn pre-exams. Lynne picked up on the fact I have dyslexia when reading some of my work and sent me for a test which confirmed I was. I’m am so grateful for this as hopefully the extra time in the exam, which I needed, will have helped me achieve the grade I need.’

Amina Mohammed – GCSE English Language

By far this is the best place for an adult to study. I loved the atmosphere, the teachers and the pleasant students. Thank you for making me comfortable and reassured. I enjoyed every moment that I have spent at MaTReC.’


Zonash Ali – GCSE English Language

‘This course means a lot to me because if I pass I will be able to go on to university and pursue my dreams. It has boosted my confidence and opened up doors for me. I recommend this course to anyone who want to boost their English skill and get a better job’ 


Kevan Brown – English Functional Skillls

When I was at school I wasn’t very good at any subject. I was told more often that I was only there to make the numbers up and that I was thick. Sometimes I was put in a corner with a dunce‟s hat on.

When I left junior school to go to ‘big’ school, again I was put in the bottom group, which was the E group. It all started again, like, ‘lets have a laugh and let Brown read’. The name-calling started and got worse so I started to find reasons not to go to school or attend lessons.

George Billam – English Functional Skills

I came to MaTReC in 2013 after being referred by the Job Centre as I needed to gain skills to enter the employment market.

I was very nervous about even walking through the door as I never went to school and was placed in care as a result of this! However from entering the building I was immediately put at ease by the staff on reception, they are very welcoming and approachable.

Lee Bagshaw – Functional Skills Maths & English

I first went to MaTReC in the autumn of 2013 after hearing about the organisation from one of my neighbours. He know that I was suffering with health problems and he thought that it would do me the world of good, as not only would I be mixing again with other adults but also improving my confidence and low self- esteem.

After contemplating the idea I decided that I had nothing to lose but everything to gain and by attending, not only did I have the chance to get back to the old Lee that people once knew, but I would also be enhancing my job prospects and working towards gaining qualifications.

Michelle Stroud

Why I came to MATREC

‘I came to Matrec to level 2 English functional skills. I needed to update my qualifications for my CV as I am currently looking for work and Matrec have been brilliant.

It was important for me that once I had started the course I would be able to complete it. Having started the course in another setting which I sadly had to close due to declining numbers in the class, it was suggested to me that Matrec would be a suitable place to go.