George Billam – English Functional Skills

I came to MaTReC in 2013 after being referred by the Job Centre as I needed to gain skills to enter the employment market.

I was very nervous about even walking through the door as I never went to school and was placed in care as a result of this! However from entering the building I was immediately put at ease by the staff on reception, they are very welcoming and approachable.

I had an interview where I told the staff all about my school life and the difficulties I had during that time. The tutor who interviewed me put me at ease and told me how MaTReC was completely different to school, but I was still very sceptical. Why would it be different?

After completing an initial assessment the staff felt that I may have been dyslexic and I was told that if I came onto a course and attended regularly they would offer me a dyslexia test, which would then give me all the support I would need to complete the courses. This made me start to feel better about myself

Because I came to classes regularly the dyslexia test was completed and extra support to help overcome my problems that was put in place. It also identified that I have something called Irlen’s syndrome which means that words go out of focus on the paper, having resources on pink paper helps this.

With the exceptional support of all the staff and tutors I have successfully completed my first English exam and I am waiting for the result of my second. Without MaTReC’s help and encouragement I would have still been hiding my fear of reading and writing.

With the support of the tutors I am now hopefully moving onto the next level of learning and will continue as far as possible gaining qualifications with MaTReC before I progress in employment’.