Michelle Stroud

Why I came to MATREC

‘I came to Matrec to level 2 English functional skills. I needed to update my qualifications for my CV as I am currently looking for work and Matrec have been brilliant.

It was important for me that once I had started the course I would be able to complete it. Having started the course in another setting which I sadly had to close due to declining numbers in the class, it was suggested to me that Matrec would be a suitable place to go.

Matrec are very flexible. I was given choices of days and times of the week to do my course which was handy as I was able to fit it around the other courses that I had been doing at the time.

I found all the staff were friendly and helpful. My English tutor did an excellent job. I looked forward to the lessons, they were well organised and taught in a way that worked with each individual’s needs.

We were encouraged as individuals to set targets and goals in our learning journey and we always received feedback on whatever work we had done. As well as working as a group, we were encouraged to work in small groups and to support each other, I found this helpful as initially I did not know any of the other students but soon got to know them, some of who have become firm friends.

My experience of Matrec has been very positive and I would recommend Matrec to anyone who is looking to do any of the numerous courses that they offer’.