NEW reform for Maths & English Functional Skills

What’s new? 

The government has introduced this reform programme to improve the rigour and relevance of Functional Skills, and to ensure that these qualifications better meet employer needs in terms of the knowledge and skills that learners achieve.

There are considerable changes to the course content at all levels, with new content being added and some content being removed. Some of the content has moved levels and elements of GCSE have been added to higher levels.

  • Level 1 will be more like a Level 1½
  • Level 2 will be more like a Level 2½.

    • For English, this means a focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar without dictionaries or computer aids; and at Entry Levels there are now detailed reading and spelling expectations based on the structured teaching of phonics.
    • For maths, this means more of an emphasis on the underpinning knowledge and skills required to solve mathematical problems. This includes using times tables and working with and without a calculator.

  • The following  shows how the levels are aligned with the national curriculum key stages:

In light of the reforms and changes to content, the Department for Education has decided that the Guided Learning Hours for course will increase from 45 to 55 hours.

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